Get dirty, then clean your toys.

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Careing of your toys is the main idea for your healthy

We have a thing for quality. For us, quality means durability:  long-lasting and hard-working. That’s why when we’re looking for new products that will be intimately placed in and around our bodies, we almost exclusively consider medical grade silicone materials.  

A sex toy, or any accessory, is a very personal item. If you use sexual accessories with a partner, they should be handled with the same regard and responsibility that you give to safe sex. They need to be cleaned and protected with the same level of concern for STIs. And when in doubt, take precautions and place a condom over the apparatus that gets inserted into the body.

Medical grade silicone is made to be used inside the body. This material is nonporous, which means it can be completely cleaned and disinfected. It can withstand high temperatures, like boiling water, for added confidence. Note, however, you can not boil or expose motorized toys to high temperatures as this will damage or, more likely, kill the motor. If your silicone toy is non-motorized you may boil it for a few minutes or place it in dishwasher (top rack).

Alternatively, you should thoroughly wash silicone with a mild, non-irritating soap and warm water immediately after use. Depending on how your toy is stored, and how long it’s been between uses, you may want to give it a quick wash before the next play session. Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies when washing and drying as well.


Top 5 things for careing of toys

We think that quality medical grade silicone is a great, body-safe material that is easy to clean and maintain. So take a look at your toy collection and remember these tips.

1. Pay attention on the material

Not all silicone is medical grade ー it has to be made body-safe and be indicated as such.


2. Use condom any way

Toys made from porous materials (like jelly rubber) can harbor bacteria. This means that the toys can never be completely disinfected. Use a condom over your toy for an added layer of protection.


3. Protect your toys from any dirty

Completely dry toys with a clean towel after washing and before storing.


4. Pay attention on defects

Punctures or rips in the seam of a silicone toy (or any toy) means it is no longer nonporous and at the end of its sex life.  


5. We appretiate all these rules 

It’s important to note that VipePlanet’s, Wandah and Monah toys are motorized and should not be boiled or placed in the dishwasher. These toys are easy to clean with warm water and soap.


We recommend using an all natural soap.  Your body parts will thank you for it.

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